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  1. Dystopia in China
  2. CPD Commander Jon Burge is Dead
  3. 2016 Election portrayed as a football game
  4. Interesting debate between liberals & never Trumpers
  5. Taco Bell Nazis in Florida...
  6. Quick! Name the world's largest oil producer...
  7. Massachusetts gas explosions
  8. Hurricane Florence
  9. American bald eagle lands on 9/11 tribute.
  10. Never forget
  11. Federal deficit increases to almost 1 TRILLION
  12. The Brits know what an Aircraft Carrier needs!
  13. Dying Northern Virginia teen gives wish to benefit other kids with cancer at Inova Fa
  14. Drones With Lasers?
  15. New Kaepernick Nike Ad
  16. Who Drilled a Hole in the Space Station?
  17. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Announces He Will Not Seek Re-Election
  18. Miami Will Be Underwater Soon. Its Drinking Water Could Go First
  19. Pritzker-owned company fights unionization efforts
  20. California Eliminates Bail for Suspects
  21. Melania body double?
  22. You wear MAGA hat, I rip it off your head - Bully girl
  23. Heckling and gunfire as police investigate shooting: 'We’re just playing'
  24. Shooting at a Madden tournament in Florida
  25. Homeless again, Johnny Bobbitt can’t get his GoFundMe money
  26. R.I.P. Robin Leach
  27. Government leaks are going to go way down
  28. Senate passes bill requiring drug companies to state prices in commercials
  29. You messed with the wrong mom, dude
  30. Flesh Eating STD - The Sharknado of Diseases
  31. Guy Pushes Woman Into Oncoming Train
  32. Ferrari Pulled Over 137mph In Iowa Only Thought It Was Going 100
  33. Selling vehicle: certified check as payment?
  34. Mollie Tibbetts murder suspect ID'd as Cristhian Rivera, 24, living in US illegally
  35. Russia Loses Nuclear Missile After Failed Test
  36. R.I.P. Doug Rose (Green Mamba)
  37. Charges dropped against brother of man killed by police in Mount Greenwood
  38. Mook - Help - Can't stay logged on. No PM Capability either
  39. Radar question
  40. Google going back into China
  41. India will offer free healthcare to 500 million citizens
  42. Phillips Easy Sense Light Fixtures
  43. Lets talk CRAZY
  44. R.I.P. Aretha Franklin
  45. Body found smoldering in WeGo
  46. Pennsylvania Catholic church coverup
  47. Thank goodness we're not in France
  48. Trump says Boycott Harley Davidson
  49. Worker Steals Airplane - Crashes on Puget Sound Island
  50. NASA Heads for the Sun Saturday Morning
  51. Trump Walk-Star Savers - This is hilarious!
  52. Chicago and railroad police use of 'bait truck,' caught on viral video, is criticized
  53. Faces of Antifa
  54. Titusville, Florida Shooting - Only One Hurt is the Gunman
  55. Bike shares gone wrong
  56. Race Your Ride event RT66 raceway
  57. Trader Joe's hotage situation
  58. Fidelity launches no-fee index funds
  59. Sheriff Tom Dart to pair inmates with pet dogs
  60. Riding Mowers and Snow?
  61. How do you sleep?
  62. Women is taken hostage by a shitbag with a knife, both shot and killed by LAPD
  63. Cops kill homeowner in mistaken identity
  64. Credit Card Gurus step in
  65. Graphene is Coming
  66. Bookface Massive stock loss makes me giggle.
  67. Stand Your Ground Or Murder?
  68. ICE Playing Children’s Music For Protesters
  69. Duckboat Capsizes in Branson MO - At Least 13 Dead
  70. San Fran Spending Over $37,000 PER HOMELESS PERSON...
  71. badass cop shoots through his own windshield
  72. FDA Looking at Making Cholesterol Drugs OTC
  73. Chicago could soon test universal basic income program
  74. Harith Augustus Shooting Sparks Violent Chicago Protests
  75. Leon Valley PD Arrests, Searches and Confiscates Phones From "Witnesses"
  76. Founder of Papa Johns Pizza Steps Down for using N-word
  77. Alyssa Milano on Breast Feeding [NWS]
  78. Lambo Totaled In Chicago
  79. Japan's First Private Company Rocket Launch
  80. I suggest Water Cannons
  81. Drunken minor resists arrest and posts video to FB
  82. Hmmmm But what if there was a pipeline...... Iowa edition
  83. States Can Require Internet Tax Collection, Supreme Court Rules
  85. Any Interest in a TCG MTG/Picnic?
  86. Obama Museum to Cost $174 Million for Infrastructure
  87. The USA is in a civil war - article
  88. California, divide by 3
  89. wild wild country
  90. Chelsea Clinton = Howdy Doody?
  91. R.I.P. Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen
  92. Who's your home insurance company?
  93. Vince Vaughn Arrested for DUI and Resisting Arrest in California
  94. Jackson Odell 3rd Celeb to Die this Week
  95. RIP Anthony Bourdain
  96. Allergies
  97. Car alarm
  98. Norway secretly rich AF; tried to overthrow Elon Musk
  99. jumping the inclusiveness shark
  100. What did they cost brand new?
  101. lol
  102. no more bikini's for miss america????
  103. Nearly 50% of Cali Bay area Residents say they are leaving Cali
  104. Supreme Court Again Has To Overrule Lower Activist Courts
  105. Irish Mirror: 'He looks so frail': Johnny Depp's weight loss sparks fan theory his ch
  106. My serious public service announcement for you. Just may save a life.
  107. Survey Request
  108. blagojevich opinions??
  109. That's not a knife - This is a knife
  110. Unemployment Lowest Since 1969
  111. CNBC: A $523 payment is the new standard for buyers
  112. dirty money
  113. Be glad you live in America instead of England.
  114. Female Teacher Texts About Becoming First Woman Serial Killer
  115. R.I.P. John Bain (TotalBiscuit)
  116. Another school shooting
  117. Bodycam Refutes Woman's Claim of Rape by Police Officer
  118. Emergency fund
  119. Milwaukee Police release body cam of arrest of Bucks player
  120. Did China fake their GDP growth?
  121. Trump admin moves to allow killing bears and cubs hibernating in their den (in AK)
  122. Do you have a family member who is a healthcare professional (doctor or nurse)?
  123. Looking for Airline Upgrade Passes (American Airlines or British Airways)
  124. Finally got a C6Z
  125. School shooting in Texas - multiple reported injuries including officer
  126. CDC and Self defense studies
  127. yet snother one
  128. R.I.P. Margot Kidder
  129. Talk to your children about the GOP
  130. Guns dont save lives, stupid conservatards
  131. Georgia Governor Candidate Commercial
  132. So if IL legalized weed, drug sniffing k9s will have to be put down
  133. Choosing a brokerage for Roth IRA
  134. "No lackin" challenge - the results WILL SURPRISE YOU
  135. Oliver North the new NRA president
  136. Paint Recommendations
  137. Need thoughts and advise on getting my father to make a Will
  138. American Men are Failing in Mind, Body & Spirit
  139. prageru.com/videos - Should be once daily
  140. So Hawaii is breaking apart and on fire right now
  141. IL Passes Law Requiring LGBT History to be Taught in Public Schools
  142. bitcoin survey - did you buy bitcoin btc in the last year, and did you sell it?
  143. The ISIS Files: When Terrorists Run City Hall
  144. Nest E
  145. So big things happening in South Korea right now
  146. Superior Oil Refinery Explosion.
  147. HVAC Guys Step In
  148. Universal Basic Income Experiment Fails in Finland
  149. Toronto Van Attack
  150. 4 Shot Dead at Nashville Waffle House
  151. free market health care
  152. Farmers are F**king Stupid
  153. Anyone ever use Paypal Working Capital?
  154. 2 Deputies Ambushed and Killed in Florida - Gunman Also Dead
  155. Teen Trapped Under Car Seat Calls 911 Twice - Still Dies
  156. RIP Barbara Bush
  157. Engine explodes mid air on Southwest flight
  158. Proposal: Get ready for $578/yr vehicle registration
  159. Need Help ASAP
  160. We just bombed Syria...
  161. Honda Minivan Seats Kill Teen
  162. NEW: Marijuana
  163. Bank of America stops financing for makers of "military style" rifles
  164. Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg Interviewed by Congress
  165. FB BLM Page Owned by White Australian Union Boss
  166. Police shoot man who is pretending to shoot them
  167. University of Chicago Police Shooting 4/3/18
  168. Active shooter at Youtube HQ
  169. Sacramento shooting
  170. Social Credit
  171. CLOUD Act
  172. Rebuilt title
  173. Craigslist shuts down the personal section
  174. Citigroup to impose restrictions on gun sales
  175. Food stamp abuse caught in Jacksonville
  176. downtown aurora shootout 3/22
  177. Elgin Police shooting video
  178. Illinois Primaries Vote today!
  179. Uber suspending driverless cars
  180. Bipartisan Senators Pushing for Faster Generics
  181. California just over here doin' California things...
  182. Berkely moves to limit electronic survallience
  183. Student walk outs
  184. Micro Aggression sheet University of California Santa Clara
  185. Illinois is a sanctuary state now
  186. The 'Big Dogs' of Illinois Municipal Government: 2017 Edition
  187. Online payments
  188. Former Youtube Recruiter Suing Google for Racially Discriminatory Hiring
  189. Global Warming?
  190. Central Michigan University Shooter From Plainfield, IL
  191. Children Found Living in Box
  192. national identity is made up
  193. America, circa 2018
  194. Putin going hard to the paint
  195. Chicago allowing illegals to vote?
  196. IL saves life with his AR15
  197. Nearest Solar System May Be Uninhabitable
  198. Diane Feinstein out
  199. Asteroid Mining to be the Next Gold Rush
  200. Mudjacking a slab house/anyone?
  201. Russian Airline crash
  202. Illinois Nazi Running in Cook County?
  203. George Soros Really is a Bond Villain
  204. For those that have to send "cold emails" on the regular...
  205. Stockton, CA to begin testing "universal income"
  206. America - Upside down land
  207. Logo Concept Input
  208. New Cancer vaccine found to eliminate tumors in test mice
  209. So much for MAGA
  210. Federal Taxes - How much did yours drop
  211. Intel Notified Chinese Companies About Vulnerabilites Before U.S. Govenment
  212. Super, Blue, Blood, Moon
  213. I wasn't a fan of VW Beetles until.....
  214. Official Trump State of the Union super amazing fun time happy hour thread
  215. Questioning your profession
  216. Russian Collusion in Florida Election!
  217. 95 Dead - Taliban Ambulance Bomb Attack in Kabul
  218. The no lack challenge
  219. Hey Google... Who is Jesus?
  220. get out of jail free cards - never knew such things really existed
  221. Millennials: 1 in 6 now have $100,000 socked away
  222. Suicide @ CDW Chicago *edited*
  223. Trump was right all along
  224. Kentucky High School Shooting
  225. Larry Nassar is a gigantic piece of shit
  226. Apple plans to contribute more than $350 billion to US economy
  227. my internet money earnings
  228. Car Does Long Burnout In Time Square Then Runs Over Cop
  229. Hawaii Mistakenly Tells Citizens a Ballistic Missile is Inbound
  230. Fat boy pritsker caught making illegal deal with blago!!
  231. Teacher handcuffed for questioning her superintendent's pay raise
  232. What News websites do you use?
  233. The Whistleblower (60 minutes story)
  234. What are some good fiction car books you’ve read
  235. A True American Hero Dies - R.I.P. John Young
  236. R.I.P. Jerry Van Dyke
  237. You can change one thing about TCG. What would it be?
  238. Can we Give This Guy Back to the Taliban?
  239. Chicago Car Jackings up 30% in 2017
  240. A Kansas man is dead after an alleged swatting incident
  241. 2018 - 25 New Illinois Laws
  242. Pay Your Property Taxes Today
  243. Merry Christmas TCG!
  244. How do we fix this?
  245. Illinois to lose 1 or 2 Congress seats in 2020 census
  246. Its Mooks yearly PSA about racist comments
  247. Small business owners (if there are any), debt question
  248. Mark Dice Shows The Answer to "White Privilege"
  249. Amtrak train derails in Washington State w/70 people
  250. Jealous boyfriend charged with starting fire at Huntington strip club Deputies say s