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  1. Non Partisan tax report withdrawn after GOP Protest
  2. Gingrich and Cain supporter lists sold to advertisers
  3. Ameridose recalls ALL drugs
  4. Romney fights Obama and Sandy
  5. HUGE Explosion at NYC Power Plant - 2 Million W/O Power
  6. The $43 Trillion dollar lawsuit
  7. Anyone have a UPS account?
  8. Meningitis Outbreak Examined
  9. You want to talk conspiracies?
  10. TCG investor's thread
  11. Hurricane Sandy to be Frankenstorm?
  12. somebody recommend me to a cheaper auto insurance
  13. New Prez ad inflates jobs claims
  14. What do you think of this video?
  15. Apple > EPEAT
  16. Warp Drive offline...Take us out on Impulse!
  17. Shiny stuff found on Mars
  18. Ben Stein Tells Incredulous Fox & Friends Hosts Taxes Are Too Damn Low
  19. Why Do Men Pay More for Auto Insurance?
  20. Big Brother: The Next Step
  21. RIP Kyle Tosh.
  22. Tonights debate
  23. HVAC experts step inside...cleaning A-coil (updraft)
  24. New hand made work bench
  25. quantum physics
  26. laptop running heavy
  27. yay drug war!
  28. Vice Pres Debate
  29. Did last weeks debate make a difference?
  30. Pat Condell's - A word to the rioting....
  31. Alex Karras R.I.P,
  32. Sandusky being sentenced Tuesday
  33. Arkansas Rep "Slavery Blessing in Disguise"
  34. life insurance
  35. Presidential Debate Shit Talk
  36. A brief history of the land called Israel/Palestine/Canaan/the Levant
  37. American Airlines Seats Coming Loose
  38. Next time you're feeling sorry for yourself...
  39. East St. Louis on lockdown
  40. Howard Stern interviews Obama supporters Part Deux
  41. Michigan $1 Million Lotto Winner Who Was Charged With Welfare Fraud Found Dead
  42. (video) U.S. Soldier Survives Taliban Machine Gun Fire During Firefight
  43. video game economies
  44. Why do Countries like Ukraine and Korea have better internet than the U.S.?
  45. CFL Dangers
  46. Libya - I'm so fucking proud of these people!
  47. rand paul speech on foreign aid
  48. Red light camera, Higgins and River Rd. (Watch Out!)
  49. Chair Lynchings
  50. National holiday tomorrow in Pakistan to protest youtube video....
  51. Muslim hackers attack chase....
  52. This....is....our...president!
  53. Aspartame
  54. The end result of the Occupy movement was a surprise to absolutely no one.
  55. how pro choice are democrats?
  56. Painless Laser Drug Injections
  57. FBI stops chicago bar bombing...
  58. Americas Best Kept Secret
  60. Fed to start buying $40 billion of mortgage-backed securities per month
  61. STOP TPP: Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
  62. Jews/Americans/Muslims
  63. Whose answer makes the most sense?
  64. Trial Begins in 1957 Murder Case
  65. stimulus and emr - electronic medical records - systems
  66. Marxism. For it? Against it? Have no idea what it is?
  67. GMO super-worms attack Midwest
  68. 11 years later - 9-11-2001
  69. Drew Peterson Guilty
  70. Pregnant Turkish Woman Shoots and Decapitates Rapist
  71. The wrong side absolutely must not win
  72. Ehhhhhhh.....
  73. 91 year old WWII vet shoots intruder dead with one bullet.
  74. The DNC Freak Show Started!!!
  75. No sale - I "DID" build that
  76. NASA sends out Voyager 35 years ago...
  77. Obama grades himself 'incomplete'.
  78. Romney predicted to win the election!!!
  79. 2016 the movie
  80. German Drug Firm Apologizes 50 Years Later
  81. What did you think of Clint Eastwood's speech at the RNC?
  82. Rebellion erupts over school's student-chipping plan
  83. 20-year study shows pot smokers lose 8 IQ points on average if smoked before 18.
  84. Major accident IL 53 south
  85. Arizona says "Pregnancy begins 2 weeks before conception"
  86. Chicago homicide tracker
  87. Fluoride in your tap
  88. Loud exhaust tickets?
  89. Gambia vows to execute all death row inmates by September, sparking outcry
  90. McLean County stateís attorney relaxing gun laws
  91. BMO Harris Re-Issuing Debit Cards
  92. Republican Party rolls the dice on abortion
  93. "Hover" Bikes are coming-Ride like a Jedi
  94. I think my house is broken
  95. fuel .20 increase?
  96. Replacement Windows
  97. F*ck plumbing from the early 70's
  98. WTF is "Legitimate Rape?"
  99. At least 20 'Tonight Show' staffers laid off, Leno's salary slashed
  100. As you sew, so shall ye reap (Apple again)
  101. Aflac
  102. Local man
  103. National Weather Service/Huge ammo purchase. (Clerical Error?)
  104. HELOC vs refinance...
  105. Has anyone had a heart attack?
  106. How do you afford your hobby(s)
  107. "Ooh Ooh!" Horshack Dies
  108. Unemployment Stories, Vol. Five
  109. Speeding Ticket - Wrong Name
  110. Woman of the site
  111. PAGING NERDS - need a copy of vista 32bit
  112. Westboro Baptist Church Members Plan to Picket Military Funerals Despite New Restrict
  113. Finally a Congressman gets it....
  114. ANOTHER mass shooting
  115. 1 more thing...
  116. ABC 7 news story. Gun ban
  117. Hey Sickmint....
  118. moving out of state
  119. Susan G. Komen 3 Day - Save the Tatas
  120. The most Honest 3 and a half min on TV... EVER
  121. It needs saying - Chick-Fil-A
  122. Obama Renews Push for reduction of Gun Violence
  123. Audit the Fed passes the House!
  124. Upside down land
  125. Chicago getting worse?
  126. Apple hides money overseas to avoid paying taxes
  127. Car Fax?
  128. Questions about buying a property
  129. Computer Hardware: Suggestions
  130. What is a Sunday to you?
  131. University: Paterno statue to be removed
  132. GSA at it again
  133. Romney's Tax Returns
  134. Pin the tail on the Jack-Ass
  135. Niece is on the way...
  136. Groomsmen gifts
  137. China-made U.S. uniforms raise ire
  138. Anyone see the Integra wreck on 53 this morning? Looked like a fatality
  139. Freeh Report: Joe Paterno Knew In 1998
  140. Republican controlled house votes to repeal Obamacare...for the 33rd time
  141. Key Cutting
  142. RIM delays Blackberry 10. Will miss Holiday season
  143. virus...
  144. Test your computer today for DNS Changer virus TOMORROW IS SERVER SHUTDOWN
  145. Pratt and Whitney sells secret hardware and software to China
  146. a fiscally conservative health care proposal?
  147. U.S. Drone strikes examined
  148. Higgs Boson particle discovered at CERN?
  149. anyone had a semi-recent hiv test? billing question
  150. Glaxo - yet another corporation trying to make our lives better
  151. Apple supplier pays workers $1.29 an hour
  152. Supreme Court says it's OK to lie
  153. Your new credit card may be stolen...while in your wallet
  154. BREAKING: Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare's Individual Mandate as a Tax
  155. Hell on Earth? (Colorado Springs)
  156. Former colleague of George Zimmerman speaks out on Zimmerman's personality
  157. Wild, Wild East
  158. Decals TCG
  159. Good article on oil prices (thoughts)
  160. $80 billion/yr spent in food stamps - govt has no idea how or where its spent
  161. Why Car Dealership Owners should not become Congressmen
  162. Where did the greasy thread go?
  163. Astronauts complete 'roids mission underwater
  164. Obama Courts Hispanic Vote by Throwing Small Bones
  165. High Level Catholic Priest Convicted For Turning the Other Cheek
  166. Police in Florida Canít Charge Man with Bestiality Because Oral Sex with Animals is O
  167. Dallas biker pulled over for helmet cam
  168. Roomate
  169. Rodney King Dead at 47
  170. Guilty or Not Gulity
  171. Dynos on thr south side
  172. Flash mob attacks on the rise in Chicago
  173. Getting Screwed by False Info in Background Check - Help!
  174. shit go down on 83 and 64?
  175. General Motors slowly turning into "China Motors"?
  176. Jerry Sandusky Trial Underway
  177. I will give you $3 Million, but you have to leave the country.
  178. Chicago Teachers Union-30% Raise
  179. bath salts
  180. Am I the only one that thinks the sound in the movie theaters is way too loud?
  181. Chicago Cop Tazes pregnant women
  182. Scott Walker - Wisconsin Recall Results
  183. change your linkedin password
  184. George Zimmerman Bond Revoked
  185. Jury fails miserably in John Edwards trial
  186. What should I do (car-related)?
  187. New York City to ban big sodas at restaurants, food carts
  188. Diddy's son in scholarship uproar
  189. Bachelor Party planning help
  190. Memorial Day
  191. 25 Shot so far, Chicago.....
  192. Fukushima Nuclear Plant Update
  193. U.S. drone kills 3 suspected militants in Pakistan
  194. Greece is circling the drain and Spain isn't far behind
  195. Toss the Doctor who found Bin Laden to the wolves
  196. Congressional Budget Office Compromised?
  197. What percentage of your take home income is spent on rent or a mortgage.
  198. Honda Fanboys Call The Cops On Street Racing Forum Member
  199. CPD NATO Protestor Coverage
  200. CPU maxing out
  201. Prison Rape Elimination Act
  202. Anyone want to make some funny signs and go "protest" downtown?
  203. C.T.E. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy more widespread than originally thought
  204. Space X Launches for ISS May 19
  205. Mail being lost/stolen
  206. Squeezing Virus Produces Electricity
  207. RIP: Turbo Cliff
  208. R.I.P. Donald "Duck" Dunn
  209. 49 Murdered, Mutilated and left on Mexican Highway
  210. Throwing Greece to the Wolves
  211. Time to Bail Out JP Morgan Chase?
  212. Balfour Guilty on All Counts
  213. Carrol Shelby Dies at 89
  214. Word Pairs that begin with "H"
  215. Delegates Are NOT Bound, Anywhere
  216. This Is Not a Joke: Government Issues Study of a Study About Studies
  217. May Is Lupus Awareness Month
  219. Legal to look at child porn in NY??? WTF....
  220. Sniper on the Skyway
  221. Are you a drug dealer...
  222. Dirty Little Secret (about the meat you are eating)
  223. Where is the racial outrage?
  224. average facebook employee tax hit after IPO: $1.1 million
  225. Obama backs same-sex marriage
  226. As-is warranty from WI dealership
  227. Philly cop has sex with girl, offers her $100..
  228. Footage of Mentally Ill Homeless Manís Fatal Police Beating Surfaces Online
  229. Not a Dead Baby Joke
  230. Florida, Land of the Pain Clinics
  231. going to germany, and the ring
  232. tweet analysis
  233. Look, up in the sky! It's a bird? It's a plane? It's SuperMoon!
  234. Illegal tax refunds
  235. SUVs
  236. 5 men arrested in plot to blow up bridge
  237. Delta Airlines Buys a Refinery
  238. paypal
  239. Legal Question/Advice
  240. this is how you know you got economic problems
  241. CSVT Picnic basket
  242. When the end of the world craze has gone too far
  243. More ignorance in Chicago. "Do we have to riot?"
  244. Hungry Diabetics in Hungary
  245. Remember Fukushima? November 2016 update
  246. Display Driver Not working
  247. Mob attacks man...For Trayvon.
  248. in other news, ron paul wins iowa and minneosta
  249. What do you guys think of this?
  250. More Mexicans leaving America than entering