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  1. Movie Top Gun: Maverick
  2. Movie Ad Astra
  3. Movie Jay & Silent Bob Reboot
  4. Movie The Red Sea Diving Resort [Netflix]
  5. Ask SprayinTomatoes - Is it overrated?
  6. Movie The King's Man
  7. Movie Freaks
  8. TV Another Life [Netflix]
  9. TV HBO Max
  10. Movie The movie franchise most in need of a reboot is finally getting one
  11. Movie The Jesus Rolls
  12. TV Siren [Hulu]
  13. TV Seinfeld turns 30 today
  14. Movie Apollo 11 (2019)
  15. Movie Knives Out
  16. Movie Jumanji: The Next Level
  17. Movie Charlie's Angels
  18. TV Final Fantasty live-action TV show in the works
  19. Movie Midway
  20. Movie SprayinTomatoes Presents: American History X
  21. Movie The Current War
  22. TV Evangelion on Netflix
  23. Reccomend Netflix movies
  24. TV Unidentified [History]
  25. TV Californication [Showtime]
  26. Movie Chef
  27. Movie Who played the best James Bond?
  28. Movie a new addams family movie?
  29. Movie SprayinTomatoes Presents: Terminator 2 is overrated
  30. TV The Cold Blue [HBO Documentary]
  31. Savage Builds with Adam Savage
  32. Movie Doctor Sleep
  33. Movie 3 From Hell - Rob Zombie
  34. VFX artist critique good/bad CGI on Faces
  35. TV Undone [Amazon Prime Video]
  36. TV Long shot, but X-Men the Animated Series might return
  37. Movie Kevin Hart in talks for Scrooged remake....
  38. TV DC's Swamp Thing Cancelled after 1 episode
  39. Movie Tom Holland is Nathan Drake in Uncharted movie
  40. TV Letterkenny [Hulu]
  41. TV The Chef Show [Netflix]
  42. Movie Wonder Woman 1984
  43. Movie So we're probably get a Django/Zorro crossover movie
  44. Movie For All Mankind
  45. Movie Ford vs Ferrari
  46. Movie SprayinTomatoes Presents: Is Mad Max Fury Road the most overrated movie EVER?
  47. Who played the best Batman?
  48. Movie Rambo: Last Blood
  49. Movie Guy With Jar Jar Binks Back Tattoo: 'I Have Had Sex Multiple Times'
  50. Nerds build a full size functioning Stargate
  51. Movie We're apparently getting a Star Wars movie based on KOTOR
  52. TV True Lies tv series coming to Disney+
  53. Movie John Wick Chapter 4
  54. Movie And your new Batman is......
  55. TV Primal [Adult Swim]
  56. Movie Free Guy - Ryan Reynolds Game movie
  57. Movie Replicas - Keanu Reeves
  58. Movie Honey I Shrunk the Kids getting a reboot / sequel
  59. Movie The Wandering Earth [Netflix]
  60. This movie is so terrible
  61. Movie A new Matrix movie in development - not a reboot
  62. Movie I am Mother [Netflix]
  63. Movie Get ready for (maybe) a F&F spinoff with Charlize Theron
  64. Movie Raiders of the Lost Ark in black & white, with no dialogue
  65. Movie The Lodge
  66. Movie New Disney movie and TV releases for the coming decade
  67. Movie Crawl. Itís like Sharknado, but with Gators and a hurricane.
  68. Movie Rim of the World [Netflix]
  69. Movie It: Chapter Two
  70. The making of the Abyss
  71. I Am Duran
  72. TV Willow to (possibly) live on as a tv series with Disney+
  73. TV Mook is Full Mast
  74. TV Ghost Rider series coming to Hulu
  75. TV Bonding
  76. TV Richard Hammond announces new solo series away from The Grand Tour
  77. Movie Gemini Man
  78. TV Mike Myers is coming to Netflix
  79. Movie The Perfection [Netflix]
  80. Echo in the Canyon
  81. TV Black Summer
  82. Movie Anna
  83. Movie Star Wars Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker
  84. Disney+ officially announced - 6.99 a month
  85. TV Marvel shows coming to Disney+ - heres a list so far
  86. TV Chambers [Netflix]
  87. Movie Stuber
  88. TV The Legend of Cocaine Island [Netflix]
  89. TV The Society [Netflix]
  90. TV Too Old to Die Young [Amazon]
  91. Marvel Marathon, 47 hours and 52 minutes
  92. Movie The Dead Don't Die
  93. TV Dead to Me [Netflix]
  94. TV Bel-Air trailer
  95. Movie Annabelle Comes Home
  96. TV Pennyworth
  97. TV NOS4A2 [AMC]
  98. Movie The Silence [Netflix]
  99. TV The 100
  100. TV Futurama turns 20 years old tomorrow
  101. TV Chernobyl [HBO]
  102. TV What we do in the shadows
  103. Movie Dora and the Lost City of Gold
  104. Movie Unicorn Store [Netflix]
  105. Movie theranos documentary on elizabeth holmes out on hbo
  106. The Highway Men (Netflix)
  107. Movie Rereleases
  108. Movie Bill & Ted 3 - August 2020
  109. TV The Case Against Adnan Syed
  110. Movie Lucy in the Sky
  111. Movie Toy Story 4
  112. Movie Framing John Delorean - Documentary/Movie
  113. TV City on a Hill [Showtime]
  114. TV The Magicians
  115. Movie James Gunn is back at the helm of Guardians 3
  116. TV Losers (Netflix)
  117. TV Bel-Air
  118. Movie Collateral is on HBO
  119. Movie Good Boys
  120. Movie Mad Maxy Fury Road without CGI
  121. Movie DOOM: Annihilation
  122. Movie Booksmart
  123. Leaving Neverland - Michael Jackson movie
  124. TV Car Building Shows on Netflix
  125. Movie Native Son [HBO]
  126. Movie Suicide Squad 2
  127. Movie Female led Rush Hour reboot is on the way
  128. TV The Rain [Netflix]
  129. Movie RIP DCEU
  130. Movie Midsommar
  131. One of the greatest animated shorts of all time
  132. TV The Sandlot returning as a TV show... With the original cast
  133. TV Critters: A New Binge
  134. TV Turn Up Charlie [Netflix]
  135. TV Get ready for ANOTHER Walking Dead spinoff
  136. Movie All 10 Star Wars Movies in one 5 minute Trailer
  137. Movie The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
  138. Movie The Irishman - DeNiro, Pesci, Pacino, SCORSESE...Netflix?
  139. TV HBO 2019 sizzle reel
  140. TV Smart remotes
  141. Movie Dragged Across Concrete
  142. Movie Space Jam 2 release date set for 2021
  143. Movie The Kid
  144. TV Formula 1: Drive to Survive - Netflix
  145. TV Chris Hemsworth to play Hulk Hogan in Netflix Biopic
  146. Movie The Highwaymen [Netflix]
  147. YouTube Green Eggs and Ham [Netflix]
  148. TV The Dirt | The Story of Motley Crue [Netflix]
  149. TV Obi-Wan limited series coming to Disney+?
  150. TV Future man
  151. TV Love Death + Robots [Netflix]
  152. TV Any Psych fans? Second movie is coming
  153. TV Miracle Workers
  154. Movie Frozen 2
  155. Movie Kung Fu Hustle 2, its coming
  156. TV Good guy Hulu could revive all the shitcanned Marvel shows
  157. Movie TOLKIEN
  158. TV Crank Yankers Revival Ordered by Comedy Central
  159. TV Catch-22 [Hulu]
  160. Movie Coming to America 2 - August 7, 2020
  161. Movie The Curse of La Llorona
  162. TV Howard the Duck is returning thanks to Hulu and Kevin Smith
  163. Movie The TCG MUST SEE movies thread
  164. Movie Aladdin
  165. TV Mars [Netflix / Natgeo]
  166. TV MacGruber TV series in development with original cast
  167. Movie Aquaman spin-off in the works
  168. TV L.A.'s Finest (Bad Boys TV spinoff)
  169. Movie Child's Play (reboot)
  170. TV Walking Dead movies get new info
  171. TV Escape at Dannemora [Showtime]
  172. Star Wars Stuff: this is pretty badass
  173. TV What We Do in the Shadows [FX]
  174. Movie Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
  175. TV Russian Doll [Netflix]
  176. TV The original 90210 is getting revived (with the original cast)
  177. Movie The Batman coming in 2021 - Affleck is out
  178. Movie Army of the Dead [Netflix]
  179. TV Hanna [Amazon Prime]
  180. Movie The Hole in the Ground
  181. Movie Birds of Prey
  182. TV The Boys [Amazon Prime]
  183. TV Starship Troopers tv show with the original cast maybe in the works?
  184. Movie Christopher Nolan's next movie
  185. TV Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men | SHOWTIME Documentary
  186. Movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile
  187. TV Resident Evil franchise heading to Netflix as scripted series
  188. Movie Sooo...a F&F female spinoff is likely on its way
  189. TV New reason to Watch Band of Brothers
  190. Movie Lords of Chaos
  191. Movie Good Time
  192. Movie So a movie about Monopoly is coming...and it will star (guess before entering)...
  193. Movie High Life
  194. Did anyone like Roswell
  195. TV From the guys that brought you The Office... Here comes Space Force
  196. Movie The Upside
  197. Movie New Ghostbusters movie coming 2020...
  198. Movie Spiderman: Far from home
  199. Movie ANOTHER TMNT reboot is likely on the way
  200. TV The Passage [Fox]
  201. Movie More Mission Impossible on the way
  202. TV Top Gear Season 26 Trailer
  203. Movie Velvet Buzzsaw | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
  204. TV Valley Of The Boom
  205. Movie IO [Netflix]
  206. Movie Weird City [Youtube]
  207. Best Golden Globes Supporting Actress Goes To...
  208. Movie The Office Box
  209. Movie Star Wars Prequel Trilogy/ The Anti-Cheese edits
  210. Movie Polar [Netflix Movie]
  211. TV Titan Games [NBC]
  212. TV Heavy Rescue 401 [Netflix and Discovery]
  213. TV Norsemen [Netflix]
  214. TV Project Blue Book
  215. What is the right order for the MCU?
  216. Movie Best post-apocalyptic movies?
  217. TV Starting Sopranos over for my yearly binge
  218. TV HBO 2019 teaser
  219. Movie Arctic
  220. Movie Close [Netflix]
  221. TV Kingdom (medieval South Korea zombies) [Netflix]
  222. Movie Bird Box Netflix
  223. TV Demon House
  224. Movie Murder Mountain - Netflix
  225. TV Warrior [Cinemax]
  226. Movie Get Out
  227. Movie Black Mirror - Bandersnatch
  228. TV Travelers [Netflix]
  229. TV Bodyguard [Netflix]
  230. TV Homecoming
  231. Movie Sam Jackson returning to Shaft
  232. Movie Us (Jordan Peele)
  233. Movie Star Wars nerds - Darth Vader DID have a father and he is...
  234. Movie Men in Black: International
  235. Movie So we're getting a Sonic the Hedgehog movie
  236. Movie Roar - probably the most violent movie ever
  237. TV Man, Netflix is really fucking up its Marvel offerings
  238. Movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  239. Movie Bird Box [Netflix]
  240. Movie Triple Frontier [Netflix]
  241. TV The Umbrella Academy [Netflix]
  242. Movie Brightburn - James Gunn Superman origin story thing
  243. Movie Avengers: Endgame *SPOILERS*
  244. TV F is for Family [Netflix]
  245. TV Blade Runner Anime coming to Adult Swim
  246. TV Anime nerds - Live action Cowboy Bebop coming to Netflix
  247. TV I am The Night
  248. TV The Last Kingdom [Netflix]
  249. Movie The Lion King "Remake"
  250. Movie The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part