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  1. Little upgrading fun
  2. Gun parts for sale
  3. Want to work for Chicago FD? Better list all of your guns' makes/models/serial #s
  4. Remember this young lady?
  5. England's Regent's Park Police Post Tweet on Weapons They Confiscated
  6. Uh, yeah come in and dump your thoughts on me...
  7. This Is The Armys New Submachine Gun
  8. Illinois Circuit Judge Rules FOID Card Unconstitutional
  9. [Faxon Firearms] FX19 Hellfire & FX19 Patriot
  10. What would Archie Bunker think about gun control?
  11. Any Glock 19 owners here?
  12. Make Kane a sanctuary county
  13. Can you fire a warning shot on your property?
  14. HB0892 - Firearm Detection Law
  15. SB0107 - IL Assault Weapons Laws Being Re-Introduced
  16. New Law In Effect Starting In January
  17. Bump Stocks now banned
  18. Getting a CCW in California
  19. Any of you guys ever build a non-AR 80% gun
  20. AR9 build info
  21. The range is HOT. Russian ed.
  22. My pellet gun
  23. NBA player buys $50K M16, has it stolen after leaving it in unlocked in car
  24. Concealed Carry Handgun Choices?
  25. Master of Arms - New Discovery Show
  26. Army is working on a new bullet
  27. How fast can you shoot a boltie?
  28. Pork Chopper
  29. Licensed gun owner aids Illinois cops in shootout with suspect; 1 officer injured
  30. My first AR
  31. Did a little longer-range shooting
  32. Door to door gun confiscations now happening in California
  33. fox valley shooting range
  34. Brian Kemp For Governor!
  35. Glock Grip Reduction
  36. Law abiding FL Carry members Assaulted by Miami Beach Police
  37. Local source for AR spare parts
  38. How do you call this muzzle brake that is not a muzzle brake?
  39. Glock offering blue label LE to veterans
  40. Mossberg 590M Holy Sh!t
  41. Thoughts, cleaning LCP
  42. Kent State Grad Exercises Her Right to Carry
  43. Looking for a new daily.
  44. Permissions
  45. Anyone turning in their "Assault" weapons?
  46. Gun memes of the day
  47. What to do if stopped while carrying
  48. The cooler company showdown.....
  49. I Spent my last penny at Dick's
  50. Joe Rogan and Colion Noir
  51. Lets talk shooting glasses.....
  52. I invite you all to give multi-gun a try. novice shooters and seasoned all welcomed
  53. Lets talk range bags!
  54. London's ever growing murder rate
  55. Cook County Gun Ban?
  56. Deerfield Bans AR15's and High Capacity Mags
  57. March for our lives march
  58. Girl Talks Guns
  59. Lets talk long range!
  60. Scope rings came in.
  61. Black Rifle Coffee Company
  62. Your knife Collection
  63. TCG House vote: HB3390 - Mixed feelings
  64. HB1469 - BANS High cap mags and body armor
  65. Coming for your guns today
  66. First build is complete
  67. Rock River Arms LAR-15 thoughts?
  68. guy makes ar-15 out of aluminum cans
  69. Easiest Knife Sharpening Ever?
  70. CCW Belt Question
  71. FYI: Savage 12FV on sale
  72. Remington to file for bankruptcy
  73. ATF white paper
  74. Knife sharpening
  75. Getting sniped in the face with a 50 cal
  76. Anyone Else Into Cloning?
  77. Worked up my 1st 300 loads
  78. Gas block tapped and pinned
  79. Lets talk scopes!
  80. Any coyote hunters here?
  81. gun as a Christmas present
  82. AR PARTS trader?
  83. AR Ambi mag catch group buy anyone?
  84. M16A1 (clone)
  85. Where can I get a chainsaw bayonet?
  86. Massachusetts bump stock ban signed into law by Republican
  87. its done v. ar15
  88. Flagstaff - Man shoots at Police outside of Walmart
  89. Real Avid Pistol Tool
  90. This Guy's Airsoft Gun Story
  91. Gun-nut
  92. How much should I expect to lose selling to a gun shop?
  93. Shhhhhhhhhhh
  94. IL Banning "assault" Weapons
  95. New local Chicago gun forum- hoping for new members
  96. Smarter Every Day: See Through Suppressor with a 110,000fps camera
  97. Traveling with CCW
  98. has anyone shot at the new Shore Galleries in Lincolnwood?
  99. CCW Class Question - Newb
  100. Firearm selling advice
  101. Oh please let this be real, G19 sized M&P
  102. Teach me .357 mag revolvers
  103. .45 Guys - Split case of ammo?
  104. small flashlights
  105. Switchblades legal to FOID holders as of 8/11/17
  106. Grey Ghost Precision Glock Slides
  107. i need ar parts
  108. Ranges that allow rifles
  109. You guys see this yet?
  110. Cerakoting rifles
  111. DO IT FOR THE VIEWS Girlfriend Kills Boyfriend in YT stunt
  112. What Da F Illinois??? (A gun purchase complainer thread)
  113. Firearm Storage
  114. USA to expand Russian ban to Vepr
  115. Good Guys with Guns Stop Georgia Escaped Killers
  116. Air Force Cadet Creates New Bullet Resistant Material
  117. Scorpion evo 3
  118. Bought my first gun
  119. CCL holder shoots attempted car jacker
  120. CC Customer Shoots Heavily Armed Murderer Dead at Zona Caliente
  121. Rock River and Springfield Armory sell out
  122. Time for a new folder? EDC knife ed
  123. Aero Precision .300BLK Complete Upper. Interested?
  124. Home use Clay Thrower?
  125. Anyone have a M&P Shield?
  126. So I did a thing.... and still doing it...
  127. CC insurance
  128. Florida non-resident ccw
  129. Rka on Sunday? Range meet
  130. Bought a gun. It sounds like America.
  131. USCCA anyone have this insurance?
  132. Even more gun rights, thanks IN!
  133. Bye Bye Berettas
  134. 40S&W brass for reloading
  135. Every gun safety rule portrayed in one video
  136. Duncan-Carter Hearing Protection Act (H.R.367)
  137. Whats the best ccw for your wife?
  138. The never ending bullshit from NRA
  139. homemade guns?
  140. I've Got 99 Problems but a Pistol Ain't One
  141. l0wb00st's first rifle build V. AR pistol
  142. Thoughts on a 9mm 1911
  143. Looking for gun smith in the NW Suburbs.
  144. Normal wear and tear? v.Recoil Spring
  145. ARAK 21 vs POF 415
  146. Gold tiger stripped Dessert Eagle
  147. AR308 Build with Pics
  148. 1quick's AR build
  149. What is this piece for?
  150. Building an ar upper
  151. Lawsuit Could Shatter ALL Federal Gun Control Laws
  152. CyberMonday deals for the guns & ammo folks?
  153. Who got Black Friday guns knives and ammo stuff?
  154. ATF Tac-Sac official response
  155. AR-10 build anyone?
  156. Carol Stream American Legion Ham and Turkey Shoots
  157. Age limit on gun ownership? Could use some advice....
  158. Where do you buy your ammo?
  159. S&W M&P Shield 9mm, recommend be a CC holster
  160. Finally doing a CC class
  161. Antique Winchester - Where can I go?
  162. Aperture Size?
  163. Questions regarding gun sale
  164. My First Gun V. Home Defense.
  165. Recommend Some 12ga Cleaning Supplies
  166. Advice for decent range ammo
  167. Ruger Mark IV pistol
  168. Conceal carry in other states
  169. Recommend me a shotgun - tactical/defense
  170. Reflex Sight
  171. Appleseed riflemen classes
  172. AR15 - The Giant .458 Socom
  173. Home made incendiary "Armor Piercing" rounds
  174. M&P9 pro
  175. 80% Pieces
  176. Looking for a CCW holster....Suggestions
  177. Facebook gun/ammo sales group
  178. So an anti gun protest happened 2 blocks from my house = fail
  179. Fastest Shooter vs Bump Fire!
  180. The "official" range thread
  181. New Jersy and its carry laws can eat a dick
  182. FS: COMPLETE reloading setup
  183. Willizm's AR15 Build Thread
  184. New executive order
  185. What is this firearm tax?
  186. Where to go to sell guns
  187. Good conceal carry class for western burbs
  188. Red dot rail placement?
  189. 80% Lower Receiver - what do I need to know.
  190. Time For an AR
  191. ASC Yesterday with 1meangt
  192. Palos Park Man Shoots Robbers After Paid Sex
  193. What do you do with 6 SKS?
  194. New sticker for the truck
  195. Concealed Carry Gun Owner Stops Mass Shooting
  196. IL Conceal Carry Process
  197. AR Pistol
  198. August 13th-National Buy a Gun day
  199. Florida Senator To Give Away AR-15
  200. Anti-Gun Reporter Tried to Buy AR-15...
  201. Guy builds an AK out of a shovel...
  202. California - People do not have a right to carry concealed weapons in public
  203. First pistol: EAA Witness?
  204. Guess this Rifle
  205. Buying a gun online questions
  206. airsoft
  207. WTT misc ammo
  208. Dont steal from this kid
  209. CCW in Michigan
  210. Anyone looking for an AR?
  211. Bought my first gun...
  212. Reliable FFL?
  213. gopro: Driver Pulls A GUN On A Biker
  214. what a pile of shit
  215. grenades and science!
  216. AR Red Dot Options
  217. Got my new shirt today.
  218. Handgun Magazine Capacity Limit?
  219. Tannerite+mower-leg
  220. New EDC knife!
  221. Local Sales, AR-15
  222. Axe wielding man stopped by CCW
  223. First time shooting a pistol
  224. Buck Mark and Woodsman Match Target
  225. CCW Classes with G2 (Dan Lanan) 4/3 and 4/17
  226. Qtr circle 10 parts
  227. Skywall 100 Drone Capture Device
  228. Not so sad Keanu Reeves
  229. So I bought a few new guns
  230. A good read for our greenhorns- Intervention
  231. solvent trap
  232. American Marksman dudes, step in
  233. Browning Hi Power
  234. Intro training class - get your start here!
  235. Geissele Interests?
  236. My new toy v.FirstHandy
  237. CCW Classes in Roselle
  238. Keep full frame gun after buying a CCW one?
  239. First Gun
  240. WTF Gun Safety Thread
  241. FDE Glock 19
  242. atlas bipod for my ar15
  243. Thief stole more than 85 guns and gets probation
  244. Travis Haley ND caught on film...
  245. Can anyone tell what kind of gun this is
  246. What ranges have a good selection of rental guns?
  247. Police Officer (Student) Escorted From Classroom
  248. My Glock build
  249. Saiga 12 Shotgun 30 Round Drum
  250. American Marksman