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  1. Finally Got my FOID, 'newb' questions
  2. New old project.
  3. Anyone own a sight pusher?
  4. Aparently there was an anti gun rally in Rockford on Saturday........
  5. 50 BMG anyone?
  6. Speech Jammer Gun Review
  7. Congrats to Madison County
  8. tavor
  9. Gun club accident st charles
  10. .45 ACP guns and the people who carry them
  11. New Toy Coming Soon!!! Think Isreali, but newer...
  12. Got My First "Gun" On Order
  13. she got her wish...
  14. Let the games begin!!!
  16. Could you do it - 1000 yd SHOT standing w/ .50 cal
  17. You can't really blame the guy...
  18. If my dogs don't get 'em, I will
  20. Here is the video for today's session.
  22. .300 blackout
  23. So close... I wish I had more monies
  24. SB2193 voting live
  25. Not sure what to make of this DUI checkpoint refusal video.
  26. Illinois concealed carry bill passes House commit
  27. Your immediate action required, magazine ban on the move in the illinois senate
  28. ... and the gun battle continues here at home
  29. Awesome POV Glock 19 video.
  30. Lee Ermey @ GAT Guns ....
  31. New M&P9 Compact in the family......
  33. PMAG 30RD in stock
  34. Challange?!?!?!?!
  35. Are you a member of any gun organizations?
  36. Illinois: Amendment to Ban Standard Capacity Magazines to be Considered
  37. More schools over-reacting
  38. In-Stock GEN3 PMAGS for $14.20
  39. lee enfield
  40. Statistics are showing gun control increases gun murders
  41. Optics for my AR?
  42. You can now 3D-print a fully operational handgun
  43. Finally bought my first gun!
  44. Conman sells Military Fake Bomb Detectors
  45. God Bless this woman!!
  46. Another Chicago Dem knows what's good for CCW in IL
  47. California Lawmakers weigh in on first statewide ban on lead ammo
  48. WTB: .45 1911
  49. Young lady will learn quickly
  50. This is what $200 worth of .22lr ammo looks like!
  51. Downloadable Shooting Targets Here!!!
  52. What is your accuracy requirement for your Squirrel/Small Game Rifle???
  53. Scope Review: BSA Contender 4-16x40mm Side Focus
  54. Student reportedly arrested, suspended after argument with teacher over NRA shirt Re
  55. Where to go for FFL transfer?
  56. Concealed carry restrictions defeated
  57. Thermold 30 clips
  58. Glock shortages????
  59. Got a couple of these off one sale a day
  60. Getting rust off of a barrel
  61. One gun, TWELVE calibers! Under $500! The ULTIMATE Z-Day Gun!
  62. 15 y/o girl own'd Maryland legislature
  63. My diamondback db-15 fde
  64. God Dammit. I knew people were too stupid for their own good, but c'mon!
  65. Over 15,000 Law Enforcement Officers Surveyed on Gun Control
  66. Military lasers are here
  67. Firearm cleaning HERE!!!!
  68. My m4 status
  69. The anti 2nd amendment folks can so dumb
  70. A Viable Reason to Ban High-Capacity Magazines
  71. Benchmade FTW
  72. fps russia raided...
  73. Shooting in the sun sucks
  74. Concealed Carry "Mistakes" weapons education
  75. Custom Gunsmith
  76. well i did it
  77. 30-06 or .308 Win Mag
  78. Contemplating the Springfield Armory XDS .45 Hand Cannon
  79. 3d printed gun documentary by vice
  80. I have $430 in Cabelas gift cards, which gun should I buy?
  81. GAT Guns grand reopening
  82. Sent in my foid renewal. Ready to buy 1st hand gun.
  83. New Toy Made It Home
  84. NY is now offering $500 to snitch on their gun owning neighbors
  85. Anyone interested in buyin an AR-15???
  86. Have a .223/556 ammo hook up
  87. Beretta Nano
  89. merika!
  90. Feinstein's gun ban removed from Senate bill
  91. Scope discussion
  92. My newest toy: Version .22
  93. Firearms auctions.
  94. Accessory order
  95. What is the most impressive shot you have made?
  96. My new gun safety
  97. Arrested woman had loaded revolver in her vajayjay
  98. [FL] Anger Management to Buy Ammunition
  99. GoPro on my Remington 870
  100. IL to get 10 round limit
  101. I jizzed in my pants....
  102. Indoor range where I can shoot fmj 223
  103. Magpul to Flood Colorado with Cheap 30-Round Magazines
  104. Testing the theory of magazine bans..
  105. build your own gun
  107. This guy will be the one to get everyones rights taken away.
  108. NRA Alert - Right to Carry Legislation to be Heard on the House floor TOMORROW!
  109. Hitler, I mean, Mike Madigan talking about the CCW ruling...
  110. Proposed IL Conceal & Carry Includes Traditional Semi-Auto Ban text
  111. Shut up and take my money!!
  112. New member of my cabinet arrived today
  113. Stand and Fight NRA site
  114. Senator Ted Cruz not only swept the floor on the Gun Control Hearings
  115. 7th circuit denies En Banc appeal for CCW!
  116. I can't believe I'm doing this.
  117. Where to buy an AK for a reasonable price??
  118. found glocks online!
  119. AR-15 Mags
  120. Biden's solution to home defense - Buy a Shotgun
  121. Pack Heat and Eat Cheap
  122. Biden says "Get a shotgun"
  123. Warning To American Gun Owners From Canadian News Anchor
  124. All Glocks being shipped to England?
  125. Volquartsen 22/45 trigger sale
  126. Troy Battle Magazines in stock
  127. Government wants insane amounts of ammo
  128. HC3R magazine for Ruger 10/22
  129. You know you're a gun nut when....
  130. CA Police chief "A gun is NOT a defensive weapon"
  131. HOLSTERS!
  132. Where to buy Mosin?
  133. A new hobby started
  134. Magpul’s Letter to CO Lawmakers – Pass Gun Control, We Leave & Take Our Jobs With
  135. 10 Handguns to own before you die
  136. S&W M&P 9mm vs Glock 19 Gen 4 Shooter Review...
  137. Aaaand it's time for another potentially racially insensitive thread!
  138. Picked up my new piece today
  139. politicians gonna politic
  140. So I gave my father-in-law a knife for Christmas...
  141. Own a gun in CA? Get ready to bend over some more.
  142. New daily carry knife
  143. Ammo Site
  144. Obama the clay shooter....
  145. New CC/Home Defense tool...
  146. Sandy Hook Father Speaks Out - From My Cold Dead Hands
  147. Bug out Bags
  148. Utah conceal and carry permit
  149. What? RIP American Sniper Chris Kyle
  150. Range Day Thursday 2/7(@Article 2)
  151. lead on a complete AR15 lower, upper and charging handle
  152. Chicago's Annual Homicide Drive Off To Most Promising Start In Decades
  153. F.O.I.D. Waiting Time
  154. ATF botches another gun sting operation
  155. Bought a new gun!
  156. Concealed Carry Illinois
  157. Bullet proof clothing w/vid
  158. Letter from Senator Ted Cruz (Texas) to Mayor Rahm Emanuel
  159. New Yorkers refuse to register
  160. "stopping power"
  161. Lightly used "TAR".....LOL!!
  162. Glock 19 Gen4 Shooter Review
  163. School district in CA buys AR15's....
  164. U.S Senate fight TODAY!! Must read!
  165. Geico cancels insurance because policy holder works in the weapons industry.
  166. What will be your C.C. firearm of choice?
  167. wet tumbling
  168. What's your favorite shotgun?
  169. Probe of Newton Shooting Uncovers Nancy Lanza Kept Guns Unlocked
  170. 2/1/13 Range day - Article II
  171. IN STOCK AMMO 1,000 Rnds of .223/5.56 Federal Bulk Ammo: $500 shipped
  172. Buddy has a lower for sale (Armslist Link)
  173. Aaaawwww yea!!
  174. some positive
  176. Brass
  177. 40 Reasons to Ban Guns
  178. Proposed Conceal & Carry for IL
  179. 1/16/2013 - New Proposed Gun Law
  180. Mka 1919
  181. Fox Poll-What America thinks about gun control
  182. How to stop mass shootings
  183. VT: To limit guns to 5 round max
  184. NY Senator Greg Ball droppin truth bombs after state gun bill passes *VIDEO*
  185. Watch NY State Rep Steven McLaughlin tear NY's gun bill apart
  186. More stuff not to forget about.
  187. Missouris fighting back it seems
  188. White House eying 19 executive actions on guns
  189. Take action! (Courtesy of Ruger)
  190. Serious question
  191. New York pushing for 7 round mags
  192. Buying a new "Daily Driver" pistol...Your thoughts?
  193. So, now the question is what CAN the President pull off ???
  194. SHOT show 2013
  195. Pmags for Sale
  196. Great recent case for extended mags
  197. My outdoor range!
  198. So you say you are a hunter? Python Challenge!
  199. Walmart in talks with Biden for gun control
  200. Why does the average citizen need an AR15?
  201. I think Wyoming is looking like a nice place to live
  202. Yet another gun owner list.... WTH is going on ???
  203. Texas newspaper publishes ANOTHER list of gun owners!!!
  204. Obama Considering 'Executive Order' to Deal With Guns
  205. Petition for IL gun rights
  206. AG Madigan asks full appeals court to review Illinois gun ban ruling
  207. gun control measures don't stop violence
  208. hey you AR guys..
  209. Fuck I love being a leo
  210. I guess now it's time to try the non-sense in the house.....
  211. some gun data
  212. Denny's Being Dumb
  213. Ordered another ar-15
  214. Got another ar-15
  215. Illinois - Illinois Senate President John Cullerton Introducing Gun Ban
  216. CCI primers??
  217. Pump action shotgun in Chicago question...
  218. Got a question about buying a gun and address change on FOID card
  219. What's the best place to buy Ammo?
  220. Liberals Who Cling to Their Guns
  221. Reloading supplies
  222. Gun Control - History, Philosophy and Ethics
  223. Click, print, shoot: Downloadable guns possible
  224. what kind of gun did i shoot?
  225. And here we go!
  226. Long time lurker, Finally an Owner
  227. Best Pistol Caliber - Version High-Cap Mag Ban
  228. Fish's/TCG's safe gun ownership proposal
  229. Firearm Safety Thread
  230. CNN Reporter Breaks Washington DC Law ON CAMERA and Even Unknowingly ADMITS It!
  231. Raac mka 1919
  232. ATTN: Fish, .22 haters
  233. Joined the AR club
  234. Well, what will be talked about on Friday ???
  235. Cheaper than dirt caught price gouging
  236. YET ANOTHER ar build
  237. My quest for an AR build begins...
  238. Laser Sights - For or Against?
  239. Buying a firearm/lower online
  240. Good AR-15 Info
  241. Group buy on ar-15s
  242. Call For Renewal Of Assault Weapons Ban
  243. Cool site
  244. cool thing for kids backpack
  245. So is my gun a hunk of junk ???
  246. First time buyer, looking for a carry & home protection piece
  247. What would you buy?
  248. How to properly shoot a handgun :)
  249. Local Gun Smiths
  250. FFL holders on here?