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Default Bose Lifestyle 38, Panasonic 50" Plasma and other stuff

Lifestyle 38 system is in great condition and really sounds good... I know people associate Bose with people that have too much money and not enough sense but really, the systems sound consistently good. They're not going to out perform a dedicated home theater setup but they outperform just about any home theater in a box.

I actually got sucked into the hype and sold my first Bose and bought a matched Yamaha set that absolutely sucked compared to the Bose. I went back to the store and listened to a bunch of different systems. Some were nice, most weren't but I knew what I had in the Bose so I started shopping for one.

The system includes the sub, setup mic, base station which is a DVD player and media switcher, 5 speakers, 2 stands and three wall mounts, remote and some manuals. It's all in great condition with the exception of one speaker that was knocked down. The speaker is fine but it doesn't swivel any more so the top cube can't be aimed at a different angle than the bottom. And you don't care about that anyway.

$600 for the system. Available immediately.


Panasonic 50" Plasma TV - $350

Will report on model later but it's 1080p. Includes remote and base stand. Occasionally some whites show really faint yellow artifacts. It's not bothersome and I was told it's totally normal for plasma TVs. It hasn't gotten any better or worse in the 2 years I've had it. This is not available now but if someone wants to call dibs it will be available in 6 weeks. I'm just putting it up now so I can start lining up sales for some of this stuff.


Diamondback Mountain Bike - $200

This is a full suspension mountain bike with disc brakes. The knobby tires have been replaced with less aggressive tires since I did more paved riding than trail riding last year. The bike is an all around decent setup. I did some serious trail riding with it for a couple years and replaced a bunch of the components after I broke them. It will need a good cleaning and the chain/ derailleur will need to be adjusted... Normal stuff, nothing is broken. I paid $500 for the bike in 2009. I have no idea if $200 is fair. I'm just basing that off what the current Diamondbacks are selling for. I'll adjust that if no one is interested.

Bike looks like this but black:

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Sent you a PM on the Bike!
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