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Default Any interest in my ICCU??

Before i uninstall it, I was gonna see if anyone was interested in it.

IIRC, these were over $400 brand new.

here is a description of it.

ICCU Module Description

This In Car Control Unit (ICCU) provides dynamic adjustment of the engine's Air/Fuel Mixture as well as Spark Advance Timing*. The display screen permits timing adjustments in 500 rpm increments. The unit also incorporates a separate timing adjustment for the use of nitrous oxide (N2O). When the unit is used in conjunction with N2O, the unit can change timing only when N2O is being injected into the engine. The Air Fuel screen allows adjustment of fueling at idle, cruising and Wide Open Throttle (WOT). The Standard ICCU can add up to +6 of timing and the race version allows up to 13 of additional timing. Beyond allowing fueling and spark timing adjustments, the ICCU also can display a variety of engine and ICCU functional parameters. Among these are: Engine RPM, Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Output, MAF Adjust Amount, Timing Adjust Amount and Oxygen Sensor Output. All values displayed are in real time from the engine's Powertrain Control Module (PCM).

This ICCU system will function perfectly with an OEM PCM or any aftermarket brand PCM. However, for all timing controls are only possible when a Digital Horsepower, Inc. (DHP) IAT timing flash is added to the PCM. The ICCU also incorporates a hidden menu system for future updates. The standard screen color is red, with other colors available with special orders.

Mine is fabbed into the lower cubby hole, with the buttons infront of the cup holder.

*looking for ~$200 with the swap of your gray lower cluster (around the shifter)
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