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03-17-2006 08:28 AM
The Pun Nice final Choice on the rims, I heard you were up by Packey Webb last week.

Congrats on all the hard work...

I got a few Q's
Are you going for the Riddler?
When is the SN95 GTG?
Your gonna keep it right?
03-17-2006 08:25 AM
SN65 Hi All,

I think that it is time to sign off on the SN65 project thread. We are all complete, save a few minor items to chase down.

Posting this thread here has been a joy. The help received has been priceless. I cannot thank all of you enough.

I will be posting updates on the SN65 website. Mechanical updates, show schedule, track times, etc...

If you are ever in the Chicago area, I expect you to stop by the shop and say hey. And, I can always be reached via e-mail at [email protected]

Catch ya'll l8r

03-10-2006 03:14 PM
SN65 Hi All,

Still working on the website, but.....

I don't know if you are interested or not, but there are a few new additions to the video section. In one of them, you can see Wayne put the car gingerly through its paces. Just remember, he only had about 60 feet to work with and he was taking it easy. He made this video while I was out to lunch. That is the last time I leave him alone with the keys. :-)

03-06-2006 10:38 AM
TaintedSnake01 wow that looks amazing!!! Great Job Guys

Cant wait for the GTG.

I want a ride in that beast!!!
03-06-2006 09:47 AM
SonicBlur Wow. I'm REALLY impressed! That is a great looking car! I can't wait to see it in person! I call dibs on the first burnout! LOL!!

03-06-2006 09:39 AM
WhtSuperStang the car looks great!!! you guys did a great job!
03-06-2006 08:58 AM
SN65 Hi All,

Just enough time to say that there are new photos at the site. I will be posting an update soon.

02-28-2006 07:55 AM
SN65 Hi All,

We are getting ready to leave for the Autoramma. As we get closser and closser to the deadline, we find ourselves rushing around trying to complete all the final details. The car is finished save one or two final details. It is the cleaning and detailing that has running around right now.

Wish us luck.

Hope to see you at the show.

Full detailes will be posted next week, or durring the show if I have time and we have access to the net.

02-25-2006 01:54 PM
Shaggy sounds awsome bob! congrats on getting her driving. i want a ride too! lol ill have to stop by soon to hear her run. you know since i only live like 30 seconds from your shop and all.
02-25-2006 12:40 PM
The Pun
Originally Posted by SN65
Hi 10th,

I could never take people out for rides and not take you. You would really have to piss me off big time for me to pass you by. :-)

I have an extra set of these BFG's laying around if you need a set of tires.
02-25-2006 08:04 AM
Flyn Congratulations, Bob. You guys put a tremendous amount of effort, money, and love into that car. Time to enjoy it. Get it broken in and then have fun.

F-1s are terrible tires. If the Toyos don't hook, you can try Goodyear GSD3s [street radials] or Mickey Thompsons, BFGoodrichs, or Nittos [drag radials]. All of them will hook better than the F-1s. The drag radials will hook much better but will wear faster and aren't as good in wet weather. I imagine that your car won't see much rain so that might not be a problem. I have a pair of M/Ts sitting in my garage waiting for spring. Best wishes and well done.
02-25-2006 07:23 AM
Originally Posted by 10th03cobra
Nice, looks like all the hard work paid off.

I do need a ride since I was the first CSVT member out there.
Hi 10th,

I could never take people out for rides and not take you. You would really have to piss me off big time for me to pass you by. :-)
02-24-2006 09:27 AM
SonicBlur Wow, I can't wait to see this car!!!!

Also your Good Year F1 hooking problem is directly related to the fact thet GOOD EAGLE F1's are HORRIBLE! Period!! I hate those stock tires!

02-24-2006 08:31 AM
The Pun Nice, looks like all the hard work paid off.

I do need a ride since I was the first CSVT member out there.
02-24-2006 07:43 AM
SN65 Holly (@$(&@$&!!!!!!!

I just took the SN65 out for a spin (only around the block) and I am totally blown away. Every fear I had about lackluster acceleration, poor ride quality, misc. rattles, sluggish handling, etc.... has been officially laid to rest.

This car is a real screamer. :-)

When I pulled it out of the shop, I told myself to take it easy. We still have to log about 500 miles before the new clutch setup is fully broke in and I was really concerned over loose nuts and bolts, etc... After all, we did have every last nut and bolt off the car at one point or another.

I eased into the throttle and the car pulled away very smooth and responsive. Slight changes in the throttle gave me a feeling that the car will pull really well. The handling was phenomenal. Going around a couple corners at moderate speeds gave me the feeling that the car was on rails. The cockpit is just tight enough to give you a nice secure feel without being cramped.

The ride quality was a major concern of mine. We eliminated quite a few rubber components and replaced them with Delron and aluminum. I was really afraid that these changes would make the ride overly harsh and noisy, but the ride was surprisingly smooth.

The sound from the exhaust was just perfect. The car produces a nice mellow rumble at idle and a throaty growl under moderate acceleration.

Speaking of "moderate" acceleration. When the car is rolling along at about 35 to 40, if we just pop the throttle up to about 1/5 to 3/4 acceleration, the tires tend to break free. The F1's are a bit worn, but they still have a bit of tread left. I thought they would hold better. I guess the real test will be with the new rims and Toyo's rolling.

I really did not want to bring the car back to the shop. I just wanted to drive off into the sunset. It is the most fun I have had in a car ever, and it only lasted about 3 to 5 minutes. It is going to drive me nuts having this thing sitting here and not being able to drive fit.

I want to drive it to a couple of Ford dealers in the area just for an oil change. I want to drive it to a couple of exotic car dealers and take a few people for a test drive.

Speaking of test drives, I really want to be able to take some of you out for a spin. I wish I could take all of you, but time will not allow. Mark my words. If any of you who have been following this thread, ever come up to me at a car show, and we can arrange for some time on the road, we will do it.

Better yet, when we do the power tour, we will be happy to swap passengers with others on the trip. After all, If you get to ride in our car, we get to ride in yours.

Well, I have to get back to work. We have lots of little details yet to finish before the unveiling at the Autoramma.

02-21-2006 01:55 PM
SN65 Hi All,

We have run into a little snag on the project pushing the completion date out to the beginning of next week.


We are going to have to reschedule the open house to sometime after the Detroit show (the first weekend of March)

Sorry about the mix up.

That being the case, we will be working on the car this Saturday, so please e-mail me at [email protected] if you wish to stop by and see it in progress. Seeing as we will still be working on the car, we can only allow for a small number of people. For those wishing to stop by we will be able to show the car from 9 to noon.

I am sorry about having to reschedule the get together. We were really looking forward to meeting all of you and showing the finished car.

02-16-2006 02:48 PM
SN65 Hi All,

Josh, of the Daily Herald, is going to write an article about the SN65 project. He asked me if I knew anyone, other than us, he could talk to about the project, I thought of all of you.


I would greatly appreciate it if you would give Josh a call at 630-587-8626 and tell him your honest opinion of the project, good, bad or otherwise.

Thanks Bob

OBTW, He would really like to talk to those who are coming to the open house from outside of IL. Here is your chance for your 15 minutes of fame. :-)
02-15-2006 03:20 PM
WhtSuperStang dude i cant believe they are doing that to u thats bogus!!!!
02-15-2006 02:32 PM
SN65 Hi All,

This post really has nothing to do with the SN65 project, but…..

My brother just got word that State Farm is revising their authorized shop programs. They are consolidating all their programs into one and eliminating all shops that do not complete a specific number of repairs per month.

According to them, we are under the number required. From what I understand, the only shops that can qualify are those with multiple facilities.

Their decision has nothing to do with the quality of the work performed. Their decision has nothing to do with customer satisfaction. And while they will not come out and say it, their decision is based on cost and cost alone.

Also, they are “steering” business to the shops that will perform the repairs in the fastest, least expensive manner possible.

For those who don’t know “steering” is when you (as the customer) tell them that you want your car repaired by a specific shop but they tell you that your repair will not be covered unless you take it to an “authorized” facility. This of course is a load of crap.

I am sorry, but this is really pissing me off. We have worked long and hard to provide our customers with timely, quality repairs. And just because we don’t meet a specific quota, we are kicked out of the program.

So, how is the little guy supposed to get any collision work when the insurance companies are steering business away from small local shops? It is really hard enough to keep a business running without large insurance companies controlling what shop gets the work.

So…. Next time you need your car repaired, think long and hard about the shop you take it to. DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY TAKE IT TO ONE ON THEIR LIST. While I am sure some of the shops do a quality job, you have to remember why they are on the list in the first place. Also, do not be scared off if they tell you that your repair will not be covered. If there is something wrong with your repair all the insurance company does is direct you back to the shop that did the repair.


PS: So come, one and all, to Julian’s Collision Center. If you live in the Chicagoland area, and are covered by a major carrier, and have your car towed to Julian’s Collision Center for repair, we will cover all charges. We will also offer one and all easy payment terms on your deductible. I am sorry of this post violates any forum bylaws, but I am sick and tired of big business constantly crushing the little guy.
02-13-2006 01:21 PM
SN65 Hi All,

This weekend we had the SN65's suspension dialed in. The car has been set up with 1.75 negative camber up front and .5 negative in the rear. Caster has been set to 7.5 positive front. The toe has been set to .125 out at the front and 1.25 in at the rear. Front to rear weight distribution is 55.5% front to 44.5% rear. Weight distribution from front left to rear right and from front right to rear left is exactly 50%. Total weight of the car is currently 3,552 lbs.

The tech that set up the car said that it should perform very well on any road course. He also said that he was very impressed with the accuracy of the front clip fabrication. When he was finished with the front end adjustments, the caster camber plates were, for all intents and purposes, mirror images of each other. He also said that it is very impressive that the car ended up with a 50/50 weight distribution from corner to corner.

We also kept plugging away at the final details. We mounted the mirrors, back up lights, front turn signals, the SS channels for retaining the drivers and passenger side window weather strips. Wayne did a bit more buffing and also fine tuned the trunk alignment.

Things are looking good. We should have the bumpers, seats and wheels this week. If we have any luck at all, we should be able to take the car for a spin next week.

Catch ya'll l8r
02-08-2006 04:41 PM
WhtSuperStang thats badass!!!! i want free rims ! lol
02-08-2006 01:54 PM
Originally Posted by SN65
Hi All,

New update at the site.

Also, Forgeline heard we were having wheel fitment issues and have decided to help us out with a cusom set of their 3 piece competition wheels. I just sent them off the dimensional data and they are going to create a wheel that has the proper offsets and backspacing. The neet thing is that I will be able to use the SVT centers on the new rims.

OMG! They just GAVE you a set of wheels?!?! I mean you've already dumped LOADS of cash already, what do you have to for them? I assume a sticker on the car at the minimum...this car is gonna be INSANE!! I can't wait to see it!

02-08-2006 01:36 PM
VenomInside x 10000
02-08-2006 01:33 PM
TaintedSnake01 Sweet!! Sounds like companies are starting to take an interest in the project!! Hopfully the wheels will look sick on the car. Well, hell its Screaming Yellow so anything will look sick on it!! You guys Kick ass. Cant wait to see it the end of this month!
02-08-2006 12:41 PM
SN65 Hi All,

New update at the site.

Also, Forgeline heard we were having wheel fitment issues and have decided to help us out with a cusom set of their 3 piece competition wheels. I just sent them off the dimensional data and they are going to create a wheel that has the proper offsets and backspacing. The neet thing is that I will be able to use the SVT centers on the new rims.

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