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Bub 07-21-2016 01:44 AM

Fun time tonight. Turbo s550 was nom I think he's a CMC guy

1quick 07-21-2016 05:10 AM

He posted on the last page lol

Bub 07-21-2016 08:57 AM

@phat_ridegt was that your turbo sn95 last night?? Ran damn good

Ryan02Stang 07-21-2016 09:01 AM

I met a couple guys at the gas station on Willow and 294 on our way to the track, can't remember their names now. One had a white turbo 96-98 Cobra, the other a white 15+ GT.

The Cobra was friggen awesome...dude hit it on 294 at probably 65mph and left two long tire marks.

Bub 07-21-2016 10:49 AM


ekrunch 07-21-2016 01:13 PM

I think @Ryan02Stang has a new theme song...

Ryan02Stang 07-21-2016 01:15 PM


Originally Posted by ekrunch (Post 3424315)

I'm going to jam to that next time I head to the track!

ekrunch 07-21-2016 01:16 PM

Thanks to everyone who came out to run last night! It was a great time with great people, despite the hot and humid weather. I've got plans for 2 more GLD runs this season and a Byron run or two.

Please share any suggestions on how we can have an even better event next time.

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