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Old 05-02-2018, 07:26 PM   #1
Go ahead. I'll catch up.
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Default What to do if stopped while carrying

Sort of obvious video but it's good advice.

I roll the window down and put my hands on the wheel at any stop. I am polite and follow lawful directions. I explain what I am doing first if I am going to make any movements. The officer appreciates this and I have been let go with verbal warnings nearly every time.

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I have a routine. Car off, in park, all windows down, domelight on. Leave the seatbelt on, wallet in pocket, and registration/insurance in the glove box. Both hands on the wheel. No excessive movement until the officer is at the window, at which point I explain what I'm going to do and keep eye contact.

If armed, I clearly state what and where as the officer approaches.
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Old 05-02-2018, 09:17 PM   #3
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If you have a CC it shows up when your plates come back.
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Old 05-02-2018, 09:23 PM   #4
Escrow shortage crew
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Yea in IL
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Originally Posted by Mr.bu View Post
I had a girl like that once. Everytime I put my hand down her pants, it felt like feeding oats to a horse.
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That's a nice dick.

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I got pulled over for a headlight out in my suv yesterday morning. 4am. Gun right next to me on the south side. He walked up and asked if i knew I had a headlight out, which I didn't. I went to hand him my license and he said oh i saw that you have a cdl, no worries. I'm not writing you a ticket. Unless you want one? I laughed and said no but i do appreciate the generosity. He said ok, get it fixed soon sir. I said you have my word it will be done tonight.

Like it has been previously stated. They know in Illinois before they pull you over. You are NOT required to state anything UNLESS asked by a police officer. Then the conceal carry card requires you to state that YOU ARE CARRYING inside the car. I simply don't offer unless asked. I feel like thats only going to complicate things.
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