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Old 09-12-2014, 07:40 PM   #26
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Originally Posted by rocket5979 View Post
I don't know what to tell ya. I have had mine for a few years now and it has continued to work perfect. Perhaps you are too picky.

While we are on the topic of having the best and brightest in triggers: On an indirectly related note, shooters, especially new ones, get too caught up in having the best and the brightest things nowadays rather than actually practicing to attain a level of real marksmanship. Sure, a shiny new trigger with a .002 oz break, zero creep and uber crisp reset are nice to have, but aren't needed unless you are shooting long range (not any of that candyass 300-400 yard shit). I see too much of a mall ninja mentality, even when it comes to more justifiable upgrades like triggers. There is a lot that you can accomplish with even stock triggers, so there's no need for people to get on a soap box if someone else doesn't buy the "latest and greatest" in upgrades. Learn to shoot first, then upgrade. If you don't hit your target then blame yourself, not the lack of a fancy scope, trigger, picatinny rail or super locking collapsible stock. It seems to me that the focus isn't where it should be, which is on the shooter their self. Its all about the equipment these days, rather than the skill.
This is exactly why my 1991a1 still has the basic colt barrel in it. No sense in having a match barrel if I can't shoot better than a 6" grouping at 25 yards.
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Old 09-13-2014, 01:17 AM   #27
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just installed mine tonight, they feel great, now im anxious to take them out for some rounds.
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Old 09-13-2014, 10:12 AM   #28
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Originally Posted by NetChemica View Post
They don't deteriorate with time, they deteriorate when you use your rifle. Come back once you fire more than 1,000 rounds through that gun.

"too picky"

My bad, I though that spending $100+ on a trigger would give me a consistent break for a reasonable amount of time. Especially one that calls itself a "national match" trigger.

If you want a consistent quality break for an affordable price, pick up an ALG trigger: Advanced Combat Trigger (ACT)

If you want a quality a 2 stage trigger, that won't have a break that resembles a wet loaf of stale bread after only 1k rounds, pick up a Geissele. It's not about being picky, it's about expecting quality performance round after round. FCGs aren't supposed to be an expendable component of a firearm.

Nobody here is saying that you NEED an expensive trigger to have a precise rifle, but when someone is looking to upgrade their FCG, at least recommend something quality.

No shit wear is caused by use and not time. I have put more than 1,000 rounds through the rifle since I installed the trigger a few years back. The break is still crisp and clean. No wet loaves of bread here. It still feels as good today as it did back then. I have put many a thousands of rounds through my AR in the roughly 12 years I have owned it, it still functions great with basic maintenance, still prints touching holes at 100 yards as long as I keep away from the coffee that morning; and it's a lowly DPMS to boot! So, since the trigger has worked without flaw for me, for an extended period of usage, I will continue to recommend it.
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Old 09-13-2014, 10:26 AM   #29
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Originally Posted by ldyzluvdis06 View Post
i don't know if you are directing this at me personally for asking advice on a trigger... i am no marksmanship shooter, but i enjoy the hobby and i do not have a problem spending money on firearms because i can always resale for damn near the same price. I have done plenty of shooting and have owned plenty of guns, but no, i am still not perfect, nor will i ever be to the level of some of our members due to lack of time and funds. but ill tell you what, i fucking love shooting and plan to keep buying, and keep building because building my first AR was an awesome feeling and im already scoping out parts for the next build.

i guess i shouldn't own a 1,000cc motorcycle, or build race cars either because i never drive either to their potential. Just because someone isn't an expert at any certain hobby, doesn't mean they shouldn't seek something of quality.

*ps, im not being a badass here, just responding to your post, obviously it's impossible to tell emotion via the internet.

None of what I was saying was directed at you in any way. It was more directed towards netchemica who seems to display an elitist type of attitude when it comes to AR's; as many new/younger AR owners seem to do. I have been an active shooter for many many years and until the recent AR craze, I haven't seen that kind of attitude much. Now, if someone talks about upgrades or parts for their AR weapon the forums get inundated with folks who have to step onto their soap boxes and shout about how crappy this is and how awesome that is because of some review they read, or because their buddies buddies, buddies friend who is in the ____________(<insert cool military group of preference), said it is the only way to go because they carried an M16 in the sandbox once for 2 months. It is like if people don't buy the gold-plated rockwell hardness of Peter North's dick type of parts then all of a sudden they are idiots. I am here to tell people that is a horseshit type of mentality that is based less upon real shooting and combat experience and more to do with reading a fucking magazine and taking what is written for gospel. Don't buy shitty parts, but then again there is no need to buy the unicorn parts either when it comes to building a viable combo for general use (aka not kicking in doors on the streets of Baghdad or sniping ragheads from 800+ meters in the mountains of Afghanistan).
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