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Default What the!?!? I need HELP with my starter!

So my car is finally finished (at the end of the season no less) and I run into yet ANOTHER issue. I just converted my car from a T45 manual to a TH400 with a JW bellhousing and Flywheel. I went to install the starter and the pinion on the starter is missing the flywheel by approx. 1/2". The JW flywheel when mounted is not as close to the engine block as the stock one or the Spec flexplate that was in the car when I had my T45.

My only guess right now why the new flywheel doesn't meet the starters pinion is because there is a difference in design (specifically where the pinion is positioned) on starters for automatic cars and manual cars.Does this sound right? If I'm wrong I don't know what the hell I should do or who I should be calling.

If anyone can chime in let me know. I've got so much time invested in this car there's no way I'm going to let a damn starter stop me from racing this car for the remainder of the season.

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what engine is this issue with? 2v, 4v? i don't believe there is a difference between length from auto to manual. best bet would be to go to a parts store with your starter and have them pull one for an auto mach 1, aviator or marauder and check snub length. it could be just an issue with the type of flexplate used.
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