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Default Dyno Results: Stock Term vs Intake Only(JLT CF CAI)

2003 Cobra
The dyno was done on two different days, but it was the same dyno. But the d/a was around 200 ft of each other and both runs are SAE corrected.

My stock run, I did have a kandn filter. But I gained 4whp from the CAI at least on that day and lost some torque. Was expecting more, but Tucker said only way to do a before and after is on the same day.
Comparing my runs with last time, I noticed one huge thing. HEat soak doesn't happen nearly as quick. On my third run with the stock intake, I was losing about 10whp the most I lost this time was about 3.5whp.

It also looks great inside the engine bay. Wasn't too thrilled about the gain. But oh well. Perhaps a tune is in order.
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I'm kind of a big deal...
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I would have to agree about the numbers and the conditions. The weather has to be pretty close. Not to mention your MAF curve can be adjusted off a log/ a/f to help as well.

You will see the heat soak more in datalogging and Wiked and I seem to come to the conclustion that it costs us 5-6 mph at the track.
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