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Default What do you twin-screw guys think of the new JLT 110mm intake & GT500 MAF?

Well, the wait is over. Jay Tucker of JLT has released details of the new 110mm intake and GT500 110mm MAF.

Taken from modfords.......

"New JLT 12” High Boost Carbon Fiber intake

We are happy to introduce our new Carbon Fiber version of our hugely successful High Boost 12” intake kit.
Carbon Fiber is a great material for an intake as it is resistant to heat soak, looks great and is super strong.
Both out plastic kit and Carbon Fiber kit are a full 4.5” outside diameter, but with the thin wall of the carbon fiber, we gain another 10mm inside diameter for a full 110mm ID. This is great for you guys above 700 RWHP.
The kit comes complete with the CF pipe, all rubber elbows, clamps and connections, PCV hook up and breather for you to choose and huge 12” powerstack S&B filter.

This is the same kit used on Tommy Godfrey’s record holding 9.94 @ 140.25 mph 03 Cobra.

This kit will work with your existing 90mm MAF and our new 110mm MAF. Just be sure to let us know what you will be using so we get you the correct connections.

Pricing $329.
Kits will be available starting Monday 5/14/07

New JLT 110mm Mass Air Flow Sensor

With many 03 & 04 Cobras hitting the 600, 700 and 800 RWHP mark we saw a need for a larger MAF housing then the 90mm we are all using.
Our very successful Shelby GT500 kit uses our own design full 110mm MAF unit and has proven to net great results on this car, why not use it on the Cobra?
Well we did some testing and it worked great. We currently run this set up on our 2.6H KB Cobra as well as Tommy Godfrey in his record setting 9.94 @ 140.25 Cobra.

The MAF comes with a full billet aluminum CNC’d 110mm housing and a brand new Ford GT500/GT supercar MAF sensor. This set up will require a wiring upgrade to go from the older Cobra MAF plug to the newer slot style MAF plug. A great answer for this is the Diablosport MAFia part# F7324. This is a old to new plug and play harness that will also allow you to lower the MAF voltage on those cars running over 600 RWHP.

We will be offering the MAF alone for those who all ready have the MAFia and or can get there own, as well as a package with the MAFia.

Tuning is required

Pricing $229 for the MAF unit
$379 with MAFia
MAF units are available now for phone in orders and MAFias's are on back order (all ready).

Jay "

Stuff looks nice... at wat boost or HP level do you guys think these mods will really benefit????

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formerly RD SNAKE
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Sounds expensive! Id say if you already have a high boost setup with a 90mm mass air then I wouldn't change it!

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