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Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Wheaton, IL
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Default MidWest Autoworks

This is a small import dealership owned by a few guys up in Wisconsin who sell used cars, and part out imports. They are STAND UP guys, and sell GREAT stuff for great prices!

There are ALOT of REALLY shady small dealerships, and these guys are anything but that, they are extremely straight forward and honest, and are not trying to screw anybody. They have a HUGE number of vouches from honda-tech as well.

To summarize it, they don't buy the 1991 tempos for $50 at auction and resell them for $500, they basically only look for choice cars at auctions that still have clean titles, or are theft recovery cars. I can't say I bought a car from them, but I took the 'gamble' of buying a 1996 Acura Integra motor from a car they were parting out. I got there and they were more than happy to show me the shell and how it was damaged, as well as tell me all the history they knew about the car when they got it. They helped me load it into my car, and sold me the FULL longblock (Wiringharness, intake, TB, exhaust mani, head, ECU, block, etc etc) and both axles and midshaft for $275 while it usually goes for $1500 from places like Hmotorsonline and companies such as that, so of course I was cautioned "you get what you pay for" by many people. I have since installed the motor and it fired RIGHT up like it had always been in my car, and ran strong, no sputtering/missing, no nothing.

I know there aren't a ton of import guys on here, but I'd just figure since they were a kick-ass vendor I might as well post up.

They currently have a 98 Integra Type R they are selling for parts (Title is totaled) car has 69K on the clock, and a Jackson Racing Supercharger, and is a 5 lug car since its a type R, and they are only asking $4500 for the whole thing, while the swap without the charger or suspension alone is worth that.
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