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Today 11:38 AM
Remember Rachel Dolezal - Nkechi Diallo?
Woof (162 views, 10 replies)
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Chester Copperpot
Today 11:24 AM
TCG boats & hoes discussion (247,948 views, 9,742 replies)
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Today 11:21 AM
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Today 11:17 AM
[Friday, May 25th, 2018] SHOUT BOX
Fuck my head hurts. Damn you apple pie. (66 views, 7 replies)
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Today 11:04 AM
Arrested Development coming back to tv
The cast is getting torn apart right now...I guess they did an interview with the New York Times and Walter revealed Tambor totally went apeshit on her on set once and Bateman and I think Cross... (4,688 views, 182 replies)
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Today 10:51 AM
OFFICIAL TCG fishin thread V.2018
Not suggesting the veritas was for musky, just came across a deal so why not. (1,882 views, 146 replies)
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Today 10:47 AM
Utility company vehicle sales, auctions in our area???
I want one too. (119 views, 13 replies)
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Today 10:09 AM
Does this count as a barn find?
I love Corvairs. They are such unique cars and look fantastic! (253 views, 9 replies)
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Today 10:09 AM
What made you laugh today?
:bowrofl: (546,769 views, 15,134 replies)
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Today 09:53 AM
Harvey Weinstein beat off into a plant
this is exactly why they are trying to charge him with everything. they will try for rape, they will plea down to something lesser and then it will be dismissed for being out of the statute of... (5,381 views, 247 replies)
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Today 09:49 AM
Ford 7x engine could find its way into the F150
Huh, used to plow with a 6.2 F250 and never had an issue....although it was a hell of a lot better than the 5.4/5 speed auto F250 we had, which is not surprising :rofl: (318 views, 28 replies)
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Today 09:48 AM
1966 Chevelle-making it my own.
LMAO. sounds like something my dad would text me. (12,273 views, 536 replies)
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Today 09:26 AM
whatd you do for your car today.
Alot more work to do brakes on a GTR then any other car I have done before 3ab1dd51af84.jpg (49,072 views, 1,529 replies)
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Today 09:16 AM
Post your latest purchase
Out of stock... I really dont even have a use for one, just thought how could you go wrong for $120. :bowrofl: (390,511 views, 12,558 replies)
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Today 08:45 AM
Emergency fund
I wish I had someone to mentor me about money at a younger age. My parents are/weren’t ever well off. My dad’s money lessons were “save your money” and that’s about it. They’ve gotten by being frugal... (848 views, 62 replies)
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Today 08:38 AM
The Official Trump Presidency Thread - Trump Cancels World Peace
lol Bad News For The #Resistance: Sources Close To Mueller Are Suggesting The Pee Tape Is Real, But It Is Hot As Hell (255,477 views, 11,956 replies)
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Pressure Ratio
Today 08:34 AM
Pratt's 997.1 911 Turbo
haha I made it out for a couple data logs. The stock tune had very little timing retards when I data logged. Timing retards are common on these cars. Mine actually had a small amount on retard on two... (2,566 views, 134 replies)
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Today 08:24 AM
May 2018 Truck/SUV stuff Craigslist & eBay finds
bro bbru BRUHHHHHHHHHHH https://chicago.craigslist.o rg/chc/cto/d/2014-silverado-crew-cab-1500/6588750258.html https://images.craigslist.or g/00q0q_b045wNCuq07_60 0x450.jpg (1,185 views, 69 replies)
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Today 08:17 AM
Anyone have a Garage Built
. Check out Morton, they have some really bad ass designs!!!! . (124 views, 4 replies)
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Today 07:32 AM
Official reloading thread
sweet. i've got no where the patients currently to start sorting by case volume but I'm intrigued by the idea. I hope you get good results (4,275 views, 215 replies)

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